I made a Swearing Pattern coloring book!

Over the last couple of years I’ve been drawing a lot of swearing patterns. These are patterns I draw, either repeating or mandalas that incorporate swearing in them. I find it incredibly cathartic and helpful to draw these patterns, and even more so to look at them closely and color them in! Buy it on Amazon and get 100 of my patterns, (that’s half an inch swearing!) and soon I’ll post a limited quantity on the shop I’m setting up here (coming soon!) for all the people who about signed copies.

2019-07-16 09.14.58.jpg
2019-07-16 09.15.33.jpg
2019-07-16 09.16.20.jpg
2019-07-16 09.16.40-1.jpg
2019-07-16 09.15.10.jpg
2019-07-16 09.16.13.jpg
2019-07-16 09.14.41.jpg