Designing disparate logos

Today I got properly started on designing two very different logos. One is for an environmental organization, the other is for a comic book. Both are very important to me.

These two clients couldn't be more different, for one I'm seeking to use a typeface which is bold, strong, powerful and solid. For the other I want something light, clean, elegant. For each I'm using a combination of words and a mark. For the comic I've already created my mark, so this is influencing my font choices (it's messy and bold, so I want the type to contradict this with smooth, light lines.) For the environmental movement, I want to create a mark with movement, indicating a flow, and so I want my typeface to be blocky and grounded to bounce off of this.

Despite their differences, I'm enjoying working on both at once. Looking for a typeface for each means that if something looks good but doesn't work for one, it might for the other. It is a nice juggling act for my creative mind too. 

Come Friday, I'll be presenting options for both clients. I can't wait to see what I come up with!