Reviews: Sex #1

After all of the high-profile, well-known, corporate clients I've worked for over the last 15 years, it turns out to be a comic book for which I am getting the most vocal praise. Perhaps it is the nature of the industry, that each comic book is examined, critiqued and appraised by a community known for their attention to detail. Or maybe it is because comic books are still an industry in which the budget to employ trained, experienced graphic designers often isn't available. Whatever the reason, I'm very grateful for the emails, tweets, and reviews which mention my work on the Image Comics book "Sex" with appreciation.

"Sex also employs Sonia Harris as its graphic designer.  She, quite literally, sold me this book.  In recent years titles that utilise a strong graphic design compliment to the art grab my attention and keep it longer.  I'm not certain where I'm at with the story, but the presentation alone has me for at least another 3 issues."

From Second Printing review.