Comic Book Reading Infographics

In the past, I've often been hired to design infographics for clients. Recently I decided that it might be fun to try out running some of my own surveys on the weekly column I write for Comics Should Be Good.  So far I've run two, one asking people about the changes in their reading habits over the years, and one covering the way the people closest to them respond to them reading comic books. Perhaps unsurprisingly (since intimacy is a sensitive subject), the latter survey caused a little consternation among some respondents. Luckily this didn't deter nearly 2000 participants from responding in just one week, with many people sharing their love of the medium with friends, family, and partners.

In this instance, as my own client, I was able to use the opportunity to design a more aggressive and adventurous layout than I've ever attempted, in fact, I designed two options. On my article, I posted the brighter, more eye-catching version (above, right), but for you I've also posted this more subdued, earthy color scheme (below). Click on the images to see a larger version.